Ecstatic Dance Festival - One Love

Aug 31 - Sep 2 in zürich Ütliberg



- at every ED Zurich event at the Kasse

- on-line at


Join us for a transformational experience of ecstatic dance, yoga practices, live music, and workshops inspired by festivals celebrating connection with life, movement, and Earth.

Location is accessible by Zürich public transportation: Im Sonnenbühl, Uetliberg. Camping opportunities and fireplaces are available. Dance, workshops, yoga, delicious food, and even a swimming pool. This is a family-friendly space.



Pascal de Lacaze Berlin
Scott Binder USA/Berlin
David Django Baur
Magnus Herold - DJ Shiv
Hepgüler Evren
Ni Klas - Dj Ohreschmaus ( Bio für Jede)

Anne-Laure Eberhardt - Yoga
Maria Pountou - Yoga
Melanie Huser - Acro Yoga
Timothy Patey - Yoga & Flow
Samantha Benedetti - Cacao Ceremony

Vera Anja - Live Concert
Greg Jagassar - Drum and Dance Sessions Collective

Rishi & Shakya - Wild Muscial Journey
Vera Anja, Marlen Martha Maria, Damian Benedetti, Daniel Waldispühl und Maryam Ma - Sound Meditation


Maryam Ma & Cem - Sacred Fire on Sunday
Annina Ziltener -Thai Massage
Wurzel von Ritter - Stone and Drum Healing


Agenda for the Main Dome:


14:00 Chill out music & arrival

16:00 Live Guitar music with Vera

17:00 Acro & partner yoga with Katherine Lee

18:30 Women / Men's Circle

19:00 Opening Ceremony

20:00 Ecstatic Dance DJ set with DJ Pascal de Lacaze

22:00 Live music with Rishi & Shakya



9:00 Morning Yoga with Anne-Laure Eberhardt

10:30 Sound meditation with Vera & Co

12:00 Movement workshop with Timothy Patey

13:00 Ecstatic Dance DJ set with DJ Shiv Magnus

15:30 Acro yoga with Mélanie Carmen Huser

17:00 Cacao & drum ceremony with Samantha & Greg

19:00 Movement workshop with Johanna Köb

20:00 Ecstatic Dance DJ set with DJ Scott Binder

22:00 Live music with Rishi & Shakya

0:00 DJ set with Hepgüler Evren



8:00 Chill out music with Hepgüler Evren

9:00 Morning Yoga with Maria Pountou

10:30 Meditation & sound journey with Timothy Patey

12:00 Movement workshop with Naomi Mostert Naomi

13:00 Ecstatic Dance DJ set with DJ Ohreschmaus

15:00 Closing Ceremony



Opening Circle on the 31st of August at 6pm and closing on the 2th of Sep. Ending Circle 2pm.