Next Ecstatic Dances 2018 at Wandellust & St. Jakob Kirche

at Wandellust

Wednesday Once a Month!

>>>>> 21th Nov. with Dj Marcel & Facilitator Naomi 

>>>>>>Sunday Dance 25th Nov. _ START 2pm

with Dj Universe & warm up: Yoga Class with Clive Radda    

 ... 19th Dec....

at St. Jakobs Kirche

Thursday Once a Month!

 >>>>>>>>> 6th Dec. with ***Dj David Suivez & Facilitator Johanna

 ...dates of 2019 will come soon..



19:00    Doors are open, be welcome
19:30    Opening Circle
20:00   Ecstatic Dance - Dj set
22:00   Closing Circle


Energy Exchange:

Ecstatic Dance Wandellust Fr. 28.-

St. Jakobs Kirche Fr. 30.-

*Special Event Fr. 35.-

Buy the ticket on-site!


 If money is an issue, maybe you can help with the event. Write to 2 weeks before the event itself to plan you in. We need your help for buildup at 6pm and to cleanup after the event till about 11pm.




Wandellust: Zollikerstrasse 74 / 8008 Zurich Seefeld

St. Jakobs Kirche: Stauffacherstrasse 8, 8004 Zürich


Inspired by and with kind permission of Ecstatic Dance San Francisco


Ecstatic Dance is happening worldwide: Hawaii, San Francisco, Berlin, New York, Seattle, Ubud, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Lissabon, Barcelona.